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Sparti Scents

Westchester, NY

Sparti Scents is a collection of fun-loving, skin-loving fragrances for your lifestyle. Pretty, playful, portable and colorful, these first-of-a-kind fragrance coolers are the perfect birthday gift idea for your fun loving, vibrant friend or a gift for birthdays, graduations and holidays. Great as a stocking stuffer too. Our fragrance coolers are dewy moist and soothing to the touch. Crazy soft on contact! Like velvet. Your favorite beauty secret combined, Skincare and Fragrance in one! In a cool twist-on swivel stick. Sweet on the skin and leaves no residue. Non-oily and alcohol-free. Be the first to discover the new skin care and Fragrance trends. Fun, reusable packaging with a surprise of recycled confetti, we know you will surprise and delight her with some smell good, feel good fun!!

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Serious Lip Balm

Jacksonville, IL

Serious Lip Balm quickly escalated from a way to give something heartfelt to teachers to a fully-fledged business with more than 15 products and hundreds of SKUs. Need some non-greasy whipped lotion for your dry skin? We’ve got that. Beard balm to tame a dude’s facial hair? We make that, too! How about some Bug Stuff to keep the mosquitoes from ruining your picnic or a whiskey-scented lip balm for Uncle Brian? OF COURSE WE MAKE THAT. Everything we create is loving handmade from the best ingredients, works like a charm and doesn’t contain any of those nasty chemicals that we all worry about.

Discount code: JUSTFORYOU for 15% off the entire order

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Amano Artisans

Miami, FL

Look Good While Doing Good The market is full of ordinary, mass-produced, and meaningless accessories. At Amano Artisans, we curate beautiful handmade accessories that will make you feel unique and special. Amano Artisans supports small artisan businesses in Colombia that employ single moms and people who live in low-income areas. Through the sale of their handicrafts, we provide our artisans with a reliable source of income that ensures a better life for their families. Our collections are 100% handcrafted in Colombia, eco-friendly, and sustainable.

Discount code: M4M15

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My Skin Pride

Fort Lauderdale, FL

My Skin Pride is a local brand founded in 2018 out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We specialize in handcrafted plant based artisan soaps and body products that are made with high quality, organic ingredients to promote healthy glowing skin. At My Skin Pride our focus is on both the inner and outer you! Our mission is to promote confidence, beauty and pride! We believe that skincare and self-care go hand and hand and your natural beauty shines through when you have peace of mind. Lather up and smooth it out with My Skin Pride!

Discount code: MM15 for 15% Off your order

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LeeMo Designs

Bend, OR

I’m Leela Morimoto, a product designer with a passion for efficiency and organizing. Although Origami kickstarted my passion for design, all of my life experiences have led me to find a love of creating order and systems through form follows function design. Sometimes products don’t exist for exactly what you need, and that’s where my design and manufacturing expertise come into play! Now, as a product designer and small business owner myself, I understand what it’s like to wear so many hats and that at times it is difficult to stay on task. This is when I fall back on my organization and systems.

Discount code: M4M10

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Peace On Po-Goods for the Skin + Soul

Burwell, NE

Peace On Po is a plant-inspired, eco-friendly, small batch skincare company that creates goods to nourish the skin and nurture the soul. Handcrafted in the heart of the Midwest with a commitment to cruelty free, earth friendly practices, and natural ingredients. Hippie vibes for modern folks!

Discount code: MAKERS10 for 10% off your order!

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Amu Cherian

Milwaukee, WI

Amu Cherian is an India inspired home decor and luxury scarves brand with vibrant colorful block prints. Our slow fashion lifestyle brand believes in empowering the local community through our company. All our products are Made To Order and made with 100% pure love! Each product is designed, printed and sewn in our studio in Wisconsin.

Discount code: M4M15

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Gabriela Ceballos NY


Designed with love in NYC by Venezuelan designer, me! (Gaby). I travel the world looking for inspiration and bringing the best for you. I translate the trends into a wide range of lightweight accessories, making it easy to experiment with style. Guilt-free prices.

Discount code: M4M20 FOR 2O%OFF

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Ives and Bees

St. Petersburg, FL

We are two sisters, Vanessa and Ivy. It all started when Vanessa’s oldest daughter got the family into handmade natural soaps. They noticed the difference & loved the many benefits of the natural ingredients in their soap so they started using natural soaps on a regular basis. But they soon found out that it can be very expensive to buy handmade natural soaps regularly. So, Vanessa decided to do lots of research & tried making soaps herself at home. After much trial & error, she finally found the perfect balance & started giving some away to family & friends. Thankfully, they had positive feedback & enjoyed using her soaps. In fact, Ivy loved using them so much she encouraged Vanessa to share them with the world! Since then, Ivy has learned & developed a passion for candle making herself. With plenty of doubts & hesitations, frustration, testing, paperwork & everything else that comes along with starting a new business, Ives and Bees was born.

We both have two girls; these cousins LOVE spending time together and luckily our husbands enjoy hanging out with each other too. We live 4 hours away from each other so it is a bit of a challenge but we love getting together & we really have fun working with each other. We are so happy we found something that we both enjoy and are passionate about.

We truly believe in the benefits of natural products that is why we decided to embark on our goal to make them more accessible to more people. Therefore, we try our best to find ways to make them affordable, and at the same time, we also want to make them in a way that preserves our environment.

Discount code: VMarket10 for 10% off & every order using the code gets a free all natural soap pouch while supplies last.

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Ember And Beam

Sidney, OH

Ember and Beam is a natural candle company . We use only the finest ingredients from our wax to our oils going into each one of our candles! We want to make your home feel more like home ! Along with candles we also offer hand cleansers as well made with all natural ingredients!!! – Ember and Beam

Discount code: M4M15

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