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Momper Romper

Las Vegas, NV

What’s better than your average romper? A romper that’s extra roomy! The Momper Romper is the perfect addition to your comfort wardrobe. And if you’re expecting, The Momper Romper was originally designed for you! With its lack of waistline and low armholes Mompers can be worn throughout all nine months of pregnancy and beyond. Momper Romper isn’t just a great look for the busy mom or mom-to-be, it’s an essential style for all who love COMFORT! And, if you thought it couldn’t get any better, we also have matching Mini Mompers for kids too! Twinning is winning!Kell

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Pacha Designs Studio

Everett, WA

Meet the maker & her mission Jessica is passionate about nature which provides inspiration for her designs. She started working with polymer clay out of curiousity, but she ended up falling in love with this medium of self expression. Pacha comes from the word Pachamama, an Inca goddess also known as Mother Earth. She believes that our world is governed by the female principle of love and creation. That’s what drives Jessica to be an advocate of women’s natural beauty and planet.

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Monster Coffee Roasters

Los Angeles, CA

Monster Coffee Roasters is an online specialty coffee store. They offer exceptional single origin coffee sourced from all over the world, as well as house-crafted blends such as their Zombie Breakfast Blend, a beautiful Central and South America blend that is medium roasted and perfect for those mornings when you need to feel alive. Each coffee bag is roasted to order in Southern California and delivered straight to your door. They are a LGBTQ+ Black and Latinx women-owned business trying to break into the coffee industry but also fighting for visibility and representation that is often missed in the coffee world.

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Peachflower Shoppe

Los Angeles, CA

Creating unique pieces that are both beautiful and functional has always been my passion. Each coaster on offer has been meticulously designed, from concept to production, in my California studio. My goal is to continue to make personalized pieces that are memorable and bring joy to my customers.

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LeeMo Designs

Bend, OR

I’m Leela Morimoto, a product designer with a passion for efficiency and organizing. Although Origami kickstarted my passion for design, all of my life experiences have led me to find a love of creating order and systems through form follows function design. Sometimes products don’t exist for exactly what you need, and that’s where my design and manufacturing expertise come into play! Now, as a product designer and small business owner myself, I understand what it’s like to wear so many hats and that at times it is difficult to stay on task. This is when I fall back on my organization and systems.

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Mallet & Mandrel

Henderson, NV

A husband and wife team combining our passion for creating and designing with our passion for nature and sustainable living. Every Mallet & Mandrel item has a recycled part in it. Either organic flowers, reclaimed wood, upcycled coins, or recycled silver. The goal is to transform natural elements into things of meaning and beauty and help restore Mother Nature at the same time, by planting a tree for every Mallet & Mandrel purchase

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The Crafted Prints

Brentwood, CA

We are a BIPOC family-owned small business, based out of the SF Bay Area. We offer a curated collection of premium paper good products, all at an affordable price!

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Bellingham, WA

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I have been surrounded by luscious greens and earthy hues my entire life. I’m inspired by the beautiful nature of the environment around me, resulting in a product line that is continually unfolding like the changing of the seasons.    My name is Julie — I am a mama (of two young boys) and a girl who simply likes to make things. Every Moss Bags full-grain leather tote, wallet, pair of earrings, or accessory is one-of-a-kind and 100% handmade by me in my studio. I love to cut, sew, and play until a completely new, stylish, and often times multi-functional design emerges.  Fashion & function come together with each handcrafted bag. All totes, bags, and wallets are created with 1 single piece of leather. This creates clean lines and a strong base…not to mention there are no bottom seams that can rip open! From convertible designs that adjust to your needs, to classic styles that get better with age…Moss Bags are built to last.

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Samantha Slater Studio

Seattle, WA

I am a South African-born artist and teacher. After immigrating here in the early 2000s, I began to experiment with jewelry-making as a hobby and found that it gave me the opportunity to create permanent meaningful creations. As I taught myself jewelry techniques, I also discovered my passion for teaching. In 2007, I began giving lessons, and I now teach classes from my studio and around Seattle. In 2018, I launched Samantha Slater Studio – a minimalist, geometric jewelry line created from ethically sourced materials. I recycle all my studio remnants and use cotton tee shirts in my packaging. I strive to create jewelry that makes you look good and feel good.

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Seed and Soil

Garden Valley, CA

Small batch, handmade botanical jewelry using resin and real flowers in a minimal and timeless aesthetic

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